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Spark Realty is unlike any other brokerage. Built on a proprietary platform that looks and operates more like a high-end law firm, Spark only retains the most experienced agents. All agents must bring more than production to the team – we believe that each addition MUST make the entire company better or there is no offer of affiliation. Agents are expected to have a specialty (a market niche they excel in), to contribute something that all partners benefit from (community involvement, languages spoken, business expertise outside of real estate, etc.), and to pass an independent 3rd party ethics test. The Spark team works relentlessly on our craft = this brokerage is where the best of the best come to get better.

Spark is the only real estate office in Utah certified by the Pathfinder Institute, the most advanced and toughest coaching platform in North America founded by a $3 billion producer and a former Navy SEAL instructor. All Spark agents have access to their coach programming, education, training, and mentoring (heavily subsidized by the company). Our CE, training, and coaching is crafted specifically for Spark by Pathfinder and their instructors are all 20+ year active brokers with a minimum of a half billion dollars in production.

We operate on a lucrative CAP model and always have the very best tools and tech for our team.

Spark does no standard recruiting. We grow by invitation and application only. If you think Spark might be right for you, please give us a call.



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We are deeply connected in our community and highly engaged in our industry; all for the purpose of superb one-on-one client outcomes.

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