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Spark Realty has in-house appraisal available to its agents and clients. Since pricing is the single most important aspect of marketing your home, it’s where we shine. By partnering with the top appraiser in Utah with over $18 billion in valuations, Spark never takes chances with our clients’ money. Most Spark listings qualify for this service at no cost to the Seller and many will also qualify for a complimentary professional home inspection – together well over $1,000 in real services.

This isn’t some algorithm-driven website widget that can’t tell if you have great natural light, a superb floorplan, amazing backyard, or other elements that a computer just can’t see – it’s a full bank-grade appraisal done by our partner and tuned to provide the maximum supportable value upon which we can make the best decisions. Enter your information above or give us a call to learn about how Spark service really is superior.

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